About Us

Alex Baird Design is a graphic design studio that produces beautiful design work which is smart, uncomplicated and creative. We do things on time, on budget and meet the client’s needs.

We work with everyone, from one-man bands to huge corporations – and on every type of business. We can give your brand a new lease of life.

Our design services are varied and include:

  • Corporate identity and branding (logo branding, stationery)
  • Marketing (flyers, brochures, posters, newsletters, invitations)
  • Website design and mail chimps
  • Advertising (newspaper ads, magazine ads)
  • Publications (magazine design, annual reports, catalogues including art catalogues)
  • Signage and billboards
  • Why not take a look at our portfolio here and see what catches your eye? We give our clients a tailored solution in the most cost effective manner and meet deadlines on time.